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Multicultural Children´s Visual Dictionary 2

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The Multicultural Children´s Visual Dictionary 2 is a continuation of the first book. This book also allows you to choose the languages you want. You can choose up to four languages per book. Nearly every language combination can be selected.

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Themes in the book: origin, homeland, language, world, integration, home, communication, diversity, family, new beginning in a foreign country, equality, children’s rights, food, motivation, jobs, colors, talent, curiosity, nature, seasons, numbers and counting, units of measurement, the time, months, days, hours and seconds, the alphabet, traffic, environment, identity, peace and tolerance.

The goal of the book is to impart ‘good values’ and a kind of international, open, unprejudiced and tolerant guiding culture. In doing so, we never forget where we come from; we nurture the other languages spoken in the family while reading together with the child by going over simple things such as numbers, colors or months. The entire book is available in up to four languages. The languages can be chosen freely, which means that the book can be customized to the multinational constellation of each family. It doesn’t matter whether you have lived for a long time in a given country or whether you have just arrived. Mum can read it to her child in her mother tongue and dad can read it in his. The book also contains the shared language, just as the first book did.

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