About us


It all started with a book for my son Jakub. From this book, a publishing house called MilchMaus has now emerged and we sell books throughout the world.

In the heart of Berlin, among people from all over the world, we produce children’s books individually customized by language for all kinds of multicultural families. We have books in the most commonly spoken immigrant languages as well as bilingual, trilingual and even quadrilingual books. Our books come in nearly every language combination possible.

  • What’s more:  You get to choose and combine the languages yourself and design your own unique book with all the languages spoken in your family!
  • Nearly all combinations are possible.

Why do we believe in our book?

There are many language books on the market. But what I personally find lacking are books that are adapted to specific multicultural family situations. I myself am part of such a multicultural family. My wife is from Turkey, I am from Poland, and we live in Germany. I wanted a book in Turkish, Polish and German for my son. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any. This is why I began to produce these books. There are many parents in the same situation I was.

Today around 16 million people with an immigrant background live in Germany. Around one in five people come from an immigrant family. The situation is similar in other countries. For many children from these families, it is normal to grow up multilingual. Knowing many languages should not be overlooked as a resource, but should instead receive more recognition in society. We would like to support parents in this regard. Linguists agree that every language is an asset, especially for children.


What is the reason behind it all? Globalization in the living room:

Perhaps your son met the woman of his dreams while studying in the U.S. Or your daughter met her future husband while traveling in Asia. And suddenly you have a multinational family sitting on your couch – a Hindu daughter-in-law or a Muslim son-in-law. The children of such couples face a linguistic challenge. In most immigrant families, the language of origin plays an important role. When immigrant children and teenagers learn languages, they often have to become bilingual or trilingual. This is where we would like to help.

A book for all children who grow up in a multilingual environment.

Never forget

A child’s individuality comes first and is more important than a group affiliation to any nation. An essential part of one’s identity is influenced by the family to which a child belongs. The support and acceptance of the family, its values and attitudes and their influence in raising the child therefore play an essential role in allowing children to develop a positive identity. We want to bring children closer to the languages spoken in their family in a fun way.